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We help you skip boring email templates and replace them with our exciting, creative, and engaging email content.

Modern marketing tactics Enhancing Brand Awareness.

Email Marketing is a well-known form of digital marketing that includes sending emails to current and prospective customers about products and services and other materials that could bring more traffic to your website and enhance your return on investment (ROI)and conversion rates. Such emails include details regarding product promotions, newsletters, special announcements, product launches, and any recent accomplishments.

Email Marketing Service is a highly proficient form of e-marketing with an average ROI of 42:1, i.e., earning 42$ in return per 1$ of investment.

Furthermore, a customer who receives email ads benefits 140 percent more than the users who are not a recipient of the company's email service. So, email marketing is a boon for both customers and businesses alike.

Email Newsletters Campaign

Email Newsletters Campaign involves sending a single well-drafted email to a particular subscriber list. This list includes new and potential customers. These newsletters talk about sales, products, discounts, coupons, etc.

FAVOURITE RIVAL’s marketing experts are adept at designing witty, engaging, and impressive email conversations, making sure that the emails leave a positive impression in the minds of its recipients.

Email Templates Design

Long texts are not only just boring for readers to read, but they land straight into their bin. To make your emails look attractive and appealing; it needs to be updated from time to time. FAVOURITE RIVAL houses top-notch and experienced experts who craft well-maintained and eye-catching designs to make your email service look inviting.

All the templates are designed carefully to ensure they work properly on mobiles and desktops.

Our Email Marketing Campaign Services

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective form of digital marketing that includes sending commercial messages in the form of emails to prospective or existing customers.

It is a fast and cost-effective way to reach new customers and retain existing customers by encouraging them to engage with your business.

How Email Marketing Services Can Work for Your Business

When there is a chance of employing an email marketing strategy that offers huge ROI, a company should not compromise with marketing or campaigning tactics.

To target a specific audience and expand your customer base, you need an apt and experienced email marketing advisory. We at FAVOURITE RIVAL prioritize aspects like driving genuine traffic to your website via email and making them potential customers. Our dedicated and experienced experts help your business excel to greater heights.

FAVOURITE RIVAL value sharing key reports and well-researched marketing strategies. We are inclined to provide the best services, and that is what we deliver.

FAVOURITE RIVAL provides detailed reporting to the company, such as the average open rate for emails, total traffic is driven to your website through email campaigning, and the number of clicks on each email sent by the company.

There is no gainsaying that Email Marketing Service is cost-effective. It gives you a platform to reach more people on an affordable budget. A user who subscribed to the email service feels attached to the company, facilitating the brand-customer relationship. In the end, Email Marketing guarantees customer loyalty. Sending an email is not a part of the deal; you can communicate to customers via email to make a good impression of your brand.

Last but not least, FAVOURITE RIVAL offers Email Marketing Services that help a firm reach a broad audience in no time instead of wondering and waiting.


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Coherent Targeting

There is around 94 percent of internet users have an active Gmail account; on the other hand, only 67% of people use social media. So, emails present a significant opportunity to businesses, executing successful email marketing campaigns to turn recipients into potential customers.

After collecting data related to your customer base like location, demographic, interests, etc., our experts ensure professional and genuine campaigning practices. FAVOURITE RIVAL has brilliant Marketing experts who render excellent and result-driven re-targeting of customers through emails as well.


To make your email informative and exactly what the audience wants to hear from you, there is a dire need for professionals who possess the knowledge of language and strategies, and that is what FAVOURITE RIVAL provides your business. Our specialists will take care of your current and potential customers with their top-notch writing skills and customized email marketing strategies. We consider the time zone of your customers as well to receive maximum positive feedback from the customers.