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Our carefully assessed PPC campaigns analyze the best ways to target your most qualified audience.

Irresistible Ads. Exceptional Pay-Per-Click services

Did you know, over 97% of the world’s population employ online searches to find local products and services?

More so, over 75% of customers agree that paid ads make it easier to find information online. Even further, over 63% of online searchers click on paid ads.

Such statistics not just blow your mind but address the monumental importance of reliable and scalable pay-per-click services. If there has ever been a need to invest in PPC management service, that time is now.

Favorite Rival is not only an accomplished Pay-Per-Click agency but is most versed with complex platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. We’ve executed customized PPC campaigns for our clients and bless their operations with several leads and sales from search engines.

Our knowledge and understanding of PPC management help make data-driven decisions, optimize campaigns, flood business funnels with sales-focused leads.

Grow your business with customized PPC campaigns

Do you want to generate unending clicks to your website?

If pay-per-click is an art, then we’re the artist of such services.

Our caliber facilitates brand awareness, promotes brand offerings, and directs immediate traction from specific audience segments. We understand that pay-per-click goes beyond Google SERPs and display networks. We employ social media sites like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., in our pay per click model.

Our marketers place ads strategically on several online platforms to improve services and product visibility to the target market. We secure the top search positions for your ads with engaging content.

Search Ads

Our search ads appear to prospective users looking for similar offerings. Such ads address short sales cycles or one-time promotional campaigns. We aim to acquire strong and high-quality leads through our search ads.

Display Ads

Such ads appear on Google’s partner websites for industry-related services. We use photos and texts to capture user attention and convince them to take action. Such services suit lengthy sales cycles and niche customers.

Social Ads

The fastest-growing segment, these ads appear on social channels like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. It is most suited for brands with active social media presence or who desire to have one.

Google Shopping Ads

Such PPC ads appear in a carousel, allowing users to view multiple products along with their prices on Google SERP before any website clicks. These clicks have a high conversion ratio since users have explored the market for similar offerings.

Local Service Ads

A perfect model for SMBs, you don’t have to pay for clicks that don’t turn into leads. Local service ads work wonders for local establishments like HVAC companies, electricians, plumbers, contractors, etc.


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