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We help you make the right social move through our SMM services. We improve brand awareness, ideate content, and boost social engagements.

Make your next business move. Go social.

Do you want to generate leads, generate brand awareness, enhance website traffic, boost conversions, devise viral campaigns, build a community, practice influencer marketing, and build meaningful relationships with the customers socially?

We at Favorite Rival can do all that and more for you!

With proven expertise in social media marketing, we help brands reach the right customer group through effective and rewarding campaigns. We plan, strategize, and analyze your social presence to deliver brand messages to the right customers at the right time with the best creative copies. Our marketing wizards track every brand interactive, study competitors, and devise campaigns to boost brand ROI for marketing spend.

Our service arcades include:

Budgetary planning

Fixing the right price for your campaigns to align with client needs.

Content creation

Script quirky, witty, and engaging social media copies partnered with relevant images and attractive designs.

Targeting and reporting

Post customer interest and behavior examination, we connect with the right audience.

Social Search Optimization

We optimize your social media profiles to improve brand visibility and search numbers on other channels.

Tracking and optimization

We employ a data-driven approach to meet campaign goals, track performance, examine metrics, and analyze expected ROI. Optimize social media campaigns for better and effective results.

Business identity analysis

We examine your web, app, digital, and social presence right from the services offers to the product range. It helps us get a better understanding of the customer base and current brand image.

Social Media Planning

Depending on the business analysis, client goals, and budgetary restrictions, we strategize the social media communication plan, devise campaigns, and brainstorm other online marketing tactics.

Content Strategy

We script witty, quirky, relatable, trending, and creative content to deliver the brand message to the audience.


We lay the groundwork as per the strategies built and execute it for destructive results. Every social media strategy devised meets the goal of the campaign.

Analysis and re-optimization

We analyze the executed campaigns to derive better and productive insights. Such information helps us re-align with the marketing goals.

We at Favorite Rival can do all that and more for you!

Our profitable and opulent social media marketing process commences with an aligned set of activities and actions. It includes research, resource planning, strategic drafting, execution, optimization. We research the reach, listen, conversions, engagement, and audience interaction on every social media channel.

Our social media marketing services maximize your returns in every way possible.

Connect with us for a win-win partnership.

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Make your next business move. Go social.

Our team can help you achieve great results with our tailor-made social media marketing strategies.